5 Tips to Overcome Compulsive Pornography Use

Because pornography use can become compulsive and out of control, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you have a problem. Being honest with yourself is step one. If you find yourself emotionally dependent on viewing pornography to achieve pleasure and happiness, you may be developing an unhealthy compulsion. Continuing to view pornography despite the negative consequences it’s having on your daily life is another clear sign that you’re facing an addiction.

Now that you know pornography is a problem, it’s time for an intervention. Here we’ll offer strategies, techniques, and lifestyle changes that can help you get over pornography addiction and start living a more productive and purposeful life.

  1. Keep a Journal and Identify Your Triggers
    The best way to identify the severity and root cause of your addiction is to keep a journal. Starting today, write down every time you have the urge to watch pornography, including the day, time, and where you are when the urge strikes. Now, document what triggers may have prompted this urge. Lastly, make note of how you reacted to this urge. Did you succumb to the impulse or find a way to move past these feelings?

The more information you write down, the better. Now, you can take an objective look at what’s driving your addiction, what your triggers are, and what techniques work best for overcoming these moments of weakness.

  1. Place Blockers on Your Electronic Devices
    Placing porn blockers and controls on your computer, smartphone, and tablet, aren’t a sure-fire way to beat porn addiction but they can help. It’s important not to rely on these blockers or safety measures to beat your addiction for you. The old saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. That means if you really want to watch pornography, you’ll figure out a way around these safeguards.

Instead, placing content blockers on your devices will help facilitate your recovery. It will help eliminate opportunity. Think of it like a recovering alcoholic not keeping alcohol in the house. This won’t prevent them from going out to the store and buying more or having a drink at the local bar, but it will make getting their hands on a drink much more difficult. Having these blockers in place will force you to stop and think about your actions before acting on impulse.

  1. Accept Support from Others
    Addiction recovery of any kind is often a team effort. Most pornography addicts are hesitant to let friends and loved ones know about their addiction or their efforts to quit. This is due to feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment. The good news is, there are several therapy and support group options available for pornography addicts based on their needs and comfort level.

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