Porn Addiction Is Now Threatening an Entire Generation

The latest issue of Time Magazine landed on stands yesterday. And, you might have heard, the cover story paints a menacing picture of sex and sexuality among younger Americans. When the story, “Porn and the Threat to Virility,” first appeared online last week, it initiated no small buzz around the Internet, including an unusual teaming of conservative Christian and secular feminist voices characterizing Time’s findings as indicative of a larger, systemic cultural problem. Read more

“Sexting” and the Dangers of Hidden Apps

The phenomenon of “sexting”—the practice of taking and sending sexually provocative or explicit photos of oneself and sending them to another person via email or mobile device—has taken youth culture by storm. According to a CBS News article that quotes Dr. Kristin Perry, a psychologist and founder of a parenting resource called Inparentis, “sexting is the new flirting.” Read more


Gerald Langiri is having an odd problem at work. He’s a casting director in bustling Nairobi, Kenya, and he certainly looks the part with his well-cut suit, chic glasses and clean-shaven head. He long ago got used to young actors approaching him for jobs, but these days, “it is getting pretty annoying,” complains Langiri, who prides himself on quality work.

The would-be actors are not asking about landing a role in a movie or a commercial. They want to get into porn. Langiri is bordering on indignant — to him, that industry is a lame Western import. Read more

At least 200 children, some as young as 11, have been victims of ‘revenge porn’ in past nine months

Police deal with almost five cases a week where intimate photographs of under-18s have been shared without the subject’s consent, often by a former partner, on social media networks including Facebook and Instagram.

The true scale of the problem, which has been revealed for the first time in a series of Freedom of Information requests by The Telegraph, comes amid a growing trend among young people for “sexting” – sending indecent images of themselves.

Study: Teens, adults opting for porn, ‘less risky than actually having sex’

Teens and older adults in America are shifting to virtual sex, choosing pornography „because it is less risky than actually having sex,” according to a blockbuster new survey of porn in America.

In the study, „The Porn Phenomenon,” the only area of growth area of why young and older men and women age are turning to porn is because they believe a picture or a video is safer than the real thing. Read more

6 Reasons to Cut Porn Out of Your Life for Good in 2016

Tis the season for resolutions.

As the New Year begins, countless goals are being made by optimists and pragmatists alike. Some of the most common commitments on January 1st include eating healthier, reading more, or spending more time with loved ones. But what if I told you there was a resolution you could make that can benefit your health, your mind, and your relationships all at the same time? Read more