European Parliament to vote child protection from pornography: Liberals and LGBT unhappy

The EU Parliament is today (MAY 18, 2017) voting on the revision of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive. The reform package, already approved at committee stage, aims to protect the “moral development of a child”, specifically by subjecting pornographic or violent viewing to parental control. Liberal lawmakers and LGBT lobbyists are unhappy.

The revision of this EU Directive regulates not only television but also new media such as streaming on-demand services like Netflix and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. The current directive explicitly forbids public TV stations from broadcasting programmes that contain pornography or gratuitous violence, in order to protect children from these harmful contents.

According to the new proposal, TV stations could broadcast these contents, as long as they are subject to encryption or parental controls. An alliance of family organisations has written a joint letter to EU lawmakers, urging them to stick to the complete ban of this harmful and degrading content contained in the current legislation. They have also called on the European Parliament to extend the ban to other audio-visual media services.

Urged on by the ideology of the Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) movement, Liberals at the European Parliament have railed against any protection for children from this harmful content. In line with their strategy of undermining parental authority and destroying the family so as to give the State total control over the education of children, these extremists want minors to have unrestricted access to broadcast pornography.

Ever eager to confuse and corrupt impressionable children and youth, in order to recruit them into the gay lifestyle as young as possible, the LGBT lobby and their Liberal allies in the EU Parliament have dubbed child protection measures as “anti-gay”. This type of sinister post-truth Newspeak is typical of the totalitarian tactics employed by the radical sexual left.

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