The Apology

In 1994 Michael Cusick began a journey of recovery from sex addiction. In the process he became heartbroken at the realization that “we live in a world where women are treated as if their only real value is to gratify men’s sexual desire” In 2013 Michael wrote A Plea to Women for Forgiveness. When I read it I immediately felt the need to share his sentiments in song.

We now offer The Apology as a response to the sexism and wounding women have experienced at the hands of men. If you’ve been personally wounded Michael and I hope this song will meet you wherever you are on the healing journey. For men, we hope this song will make you aware of the ways -perhaps even unintentionally – you’ve participated in a culture that treats women as second-class citizens, rather than Divine children of God.

May this song offer opportunities for apology, dialogue, healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Click HERE!


The Apology
Words & Music by Michael Cusick & Steve Siler

I speak on behalf of all men who have wronged you
I’m your brother, your father, your uncle, your husband,
Your teacher, your pastor or anyone else who has hurt you
I’m so sorry for how you’ve been exploited
Abandoned, diminished, and despised
For all the ways that you’ve been disrespected
I apologize

I speak on behalf of all men who’ve abused you
Your grandfather, your cousin, your boyfriend, your neighbor,
Your coach or your counselor or anyone else who has used you
I’m so sorry that you’ve been violated
Dishonored, oppressed, objectified
For all the times that you have felt degraded
I apologize

I’m so sorry for how we’ve used your bodies
And ignored your intuition and your minds
For all the ways we’ve put you in your place
I apologize

May I kneel and wash your feet?
May I kneel and wash your feet?
May I kneel and wash your feet?